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Stygian’s River presents Form and Function

August 30th, 2018
Stygian's River presents Form and Function

In mythology, there’s a separation between the world as we know it and the Underworld. This separation will be marked by 5 different rivers. One of them is the Styx. It is said that when someone dies, this person will travel to the afterlife by, traveling on the Styx under the guidance of ferryman Charon. Traditionally, one should pay one coin as a toll to Charon, in order to secure a safe trip to the afterlife. Nowadays, making this pay is not sufficient enough: Charon needs to be pleased with a ritual dance with sounds that echo the dark nature of the Styx. In every ritual we invited high priests that know how to please Charon. Hector Oaks, Sinfol, Octual, Setaoc Mass, SP-X, Border One, Elad Magdasi, Tomas Kunkel and TWAN made sure the celebration of life and death happened in a proper manner. Now the time has arrived to repeat the ceremony to ensure that Charon will keep guiding our people through the Styx.

For this occasion, our ceremonial masters are found in the deeper corners of Hades’ kingdom, troubling the quietness in the afterlife. These impure souls need to prove their worthiness again. This assembly of vicious souls, the affiliates of Form and Function, will thereby be the high priests guiding all human beings into the ritual to their deepest sins and darkest dreams. In order to regain access to the afterlife for their own souls, they need to assure a safe travel for their followers. That way, we know that the brotherhood of Form and Function will perform the rituals according to the requirements of Charon.

Our ceremony will be led by some of the Form and Function label’s most established artists, next to one of the most progressive producers of last year and of course the always providing residents.

Thomas Hessler, the leading ceremonial master, will take control by pulsing deep, atmospheric techno through the speakers. Leaving you mesmerized as the journey on the Styx continues.

Second ceremonial priest is Qindek, this Dutchman will hypnotize your mind. With his known atmospheric journeys and mysterious storylines, he’ll perform the ritual in a very delicate way.

Making the most noise during his stay in the afterlife and probably during this sacred ritual, Phara. You can be sure this impurity will tease Charon’s patience as het performs the last chapter of the ritual.

The infamous chief of the Form and Function brotherhood, Pilose, will make sure his disciples stay in line. And irrevocably, Takkar & Ophion, the immortal chiefs of the Styx. These 2 souls that are doomed to stay on the boat for eternity, making sure all souls get across.

This beautiful line up can be seen accompanied by a matching décor and stunning visuals that will make it look and feel like you’re really living it. Run your way in the mythical depths of the Underworld and the river bringing you to it. All of this in the exclusive venue that is ‘De Filatuur’ in Alost.

Now that we have revealed the high priests for our next ritualistic evening, it should be clear that all followers and sinners will be served with the necessary to cleanse themselves from all the worldly things. And all of that while pleasing Charon to get their ticket to the afterworld. In non-spiritual terms: Form & Function and Stygian’s River, aka 2 Belgian organizations that guarantee quality, are bundling their knowledge and powers to deliver you a night full of techno pleasure!

General info:
29th of September / 22:00 – 07:00

De Filatuur / Tragel 6, 9300 Aalst

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Stygian’s River presents Form and Function

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