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#006 – Laval

June 14th, 2018
#006 - Laval

# 006 – Laval

The sixth in our podcast series is by the hand of Laval.
Laval arose from the meeting of two established values in the techno scene. On the one hand you have Electric Rescue, iconic producer and label boss of Skryptöm. On the other hand you have one of his prodigy’s, Kmyle, the new ambassador of his label and spokesman of the Clergy label.
It is therefore not surprising that this new combination is already making a big splash in the European landscape. Signed on Stockholm LTD, Pär Grindvik‘s mother house, their productions are a reflection of the Nordic label, flashy sound explorations in a spectral and icy world plunging into the martial beauty of aurora borealis.

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