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Atis releases ‘Movement I’ debut EP.

December 12th, 2018
Atis releases 'Movement I' debut EP.

Atis released his debut EP as the second release in our FORM series.

Movement I starts with ‘Ismene’, a slow but progressive and dubby techno piece that is filled with deep northern and tribal influences. The variety of different sounds fill up the eerie landscape, assisted by a range of subtle percussive elements.

Entheogen goes a notch faster in tempo without compromising on atmosphere. It’s a tearjerker of a track that with an emphasizing sub-bass that flawlessly grows into a bleepy sonic adventure.

On the B-side, we get 2 pieces that are in stark contrast with the A-side. ‘Samael’ lifts off with a lot of pulsing energy, transferring into a deep sound that sets the mood for the complete track. The reverberating pads and percussion really drive the track forward thanks to some intelligent panning and programming.

As a final piece there’s the Cassegrain remix of Samael. Unfalsified power techno that keeps hinting to the deep sounds of the original track, poured into a body of perfect harmonics and playing the mind with rhythmic repetition.

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