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Ghent, Belgium


Kozzmozz, Retro Acid

Spacid is resident at Kozzmozz, Belgium’s number 1 techno party. And even though he’s part of this legendary celebration for ages, his Retro Acid Residency is in the running even longer.
Spacid is promoting techno since the early 90’s but never ties down to one particular style. He thinks outside the box and takes you to a variety of moods. His creative touch is owned by himself and is never a cheap copy. Both his reverence for the past and his quest for innovation transpire in his work as a dj. His thirst for renewal is illuminated by his passion for music, which keeps him sharp.
Spacid has a colourful 26 years of dj-ing experience. And it shows! He understands how to adapt a range of atmospheres depending on the venue, people and mood. And all this without ever renouncing his roots and musical beliefs.
It’s safe to say that Spacid is an established value in the Belgian underground club circuit and we haven’t heard the last of him yet.
But hey, this was all in the precedent. And we love the past, but the future is brighter. The best is yet to come and the road ahead is a joyful unwritten path. Or, as Spacid would say: “Love the past, play the future”.