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Ghent, Belgium


Ohm, Form and Function

A neurotic music collector with a never ending musical appetite. A lover of all things abstract and somewhat dangerous sounding. Pilose is one of those names that stood up as the Belgian techno and house scene started to relive again in recent years.

As a promotor for Ohm and formandfunction he was responsible for bringing some of the key figures of todays scene to Belgium for the first time. Some names? Rodhad, Clouds, Markus Suckut and Rrose, amongst others. It’s the perfect metaphore to show his diverse musical taste which makes him standout as a DJ as well. Always able to adept and read the crowd, without compromising on his own unique style.

Such things haven’t gone unnoticed of course and resulted in gigs at festivals, clubs and events all around the country and even abroad You want some names? Fuse, Kozzmozz, Hertz, Kompass Klub, Ostend Beach, Grelle Forelle (Vienna), Café D’anvers, to name a few.