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Func001! Premieres, Reviews, Articles and more.

September 28th, 2018
Func001! Premieres, Reviews, Articles and more.

Func001 is the first of the FUNC series, this series will focus on the more dancefloor orientated tracks that’ll make you raise your hands and stomp your feet.

Func001 presents a compilation of 4 dancefloor orientated tracks by some of the label’s favorite producers. And is released the 14th of September.


Thomas Hessler – 9AM

The infamous Youtube page, HATE, premiered Thomas Hessler’s track 9AM.

Thomas Hessler kicks things off with ‘9AM’. A track that’s both suitable for the peak-time moments as well as the late hours. This rhythmic voyage has a subtle rising-and-falling melody with some subtle hints of trance.

Listen to the full track here.

Border One – Cenote

The Los Angeles-based music blog, 6AM, premiered Border One’s Cenote.

Border One’s ‘Cenote’ is a funky groover that resonates well in any DJ set. A bell-like synth lurks you in and never let’s go throughout the entire track.

You can read the full article on the 6AM website.

Phara – LFO Unit

NovaFuture Blog premiered Phara’s track.

The B side kicks off with Phara’s ‘LFO Unit’ which is a true 90’s banger in his trademark style. Aggressive in both the percussion and kickdrum department. Add to this a soaring synthline and things will get messy on the dancefloor.

You can visit the NovaFuture Blog website to read the full article.

SP-X – Crossed In Flight

Last but not least is SP-X’s ‘Crossed In Flight’. Another funky groover that’s both timeless and mesmerizing. Fresh yet oldschool sounding techno that shakes things loose.


Los Angeles-based, 6AM, wrote some kind words about our latest release. “Hits the spot in all the right ways.”

Read the article in full here.


InDepth wrote an article about our release. Stay tuned to these guys, there’s more to come.

Read the full article on their website.


The infamous playlist on Youtube, HATE, uploaded all our video’s online!

Be sure to check them out here.

Grab your copy here:

Hardwax: http://bit.ly/HardwaxFUNC001
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/bandcampFUNC001
Decks: http://bit.ly/decksFUNC001
Deejay: http://bit.ly/deejayFUNC001
Redeye: http://bit.ly/redeyeFUNC001